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“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”- Buddha

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i don’t care about straight girls who are afraid to cut their hair short in case they get called lesbians, i care about the fact that lesbians are being used as fucking insults 

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please don’t make people with depression feel guilty for their lack of interest in things or their inability to motivate themselves please and thank you goodbye 

on that note, please don’t make people with anxiety feel guilty about their inability to do tasks you deem simple and literally call them children and tell them to grow up because of it

please just dont make people feel bad

for that matter, don’t remark people on their “mistakes” because chances are they already feel bad enough for not being able to do the most simple and mundane things. the fact that kids are being told to grow up or stop being one way or another is why people take mental illness as a joke. as if we made the decision to have any sort of mental illness. as if it was a pleasurable thing to live with. just stop making people feel worse about themselves.

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